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Things that I think

It is hot. Even worse, it is humid.

It’s humid, and here I am, trying to pour out what’s on my mind. I’m thinking about old cars, old music, new cars, good books, happy people and new covers of old music and machine guns.

Machine guns because of the drums on this ( cover of Immigrant Song by Karen O and Trent Reznor. I think it’s because of the overall grungy feel of the song. The drums feel relentless, pounding on without flourishes, and then get lost in the murky grungy sounds as the song progresses, but you can hear them in the background, forming the backbone of the song. They feel so powerful, but inhuman. The sound is more of a sampled beat than a drummer. Probably is so.

This is a cover of a song by Led Zeppelin, and both versions are great. The cover does retain the spirit of the original, but some of the hugeness that the original has is lost. And if you pay attention to the drums, you’ll find that the beat is similar, but there is a man rocking his heart out behind that immensely powerful sound, and it shows. There are very few sounds more definitionally rocky, more celebratable, than Led Zeppelin at their archetypal best. Check for yourself. And I’m going on about the drums, but there’s Jimmy Page on the guitar. He is, if you don’t know, a God. And the lyrics, too. Very deep, and accurate too, historically. Well mostly.

And I enjoy cars a lot. Personal favourite is a ‘69 Ford Mustang. Very beautiful car, and the well maintained ones are a treat to look at. And the engines sound great too. I am guessing that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea anyway.

The fan is on at full blast, but it blows down hot air onto me. The worst part of humidity is the sweatiness. As much as I love Kolkata, one thing I’d like to change is this sweaty, sticky climate. I’m playing Crazy by Aerosmith on my earphones. I pause the music for a bit, and pull out the earphones. I can hear the occasional whoosh of a car go by, a beep or two from faraway horns. The TV next door is blaring some serialised inanity, with dramatic music all over the place, and their dog is barking. Someone barks a command at the dog and it quiets down, only to start in a couple of minutes. It is a crime to keep a dog in an apartment. Poor creature gets no exercise, and barks its lungs out all day.

I look back up at the fan and down at my keyboard again. Apparently I haven’t stopped the music, I can still hear Steven Tyler howling his heart out in the chorus. I pause it. It’s a good song, I’ll replay it.

Incidentally, y’all should listen to This guy is a modern-ish stand up comic, and his brand of comedy is this self aware, self deprecating, ironic jabs at the state of modern society. A sort of “What have we become?”, regretful, but fully aware that he’s a product of the same society, and he’s been contributing to the same. It’s like one of those evolution memes, where the penultimate character turns around, saying “We messed up”.

Anyway, I will stop now. The thoughts have stopped flowing. This is a weird kind of writer’s block, where I want to write, but I can’t write stuff. Not stuff that I’m satisfied with. This is okay, I guess. Feels natural and coherent. I think the necessity is a creative recharge, and also effort. I guess.

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Ramblings #2

PS: Thank you Karthik Nagaraj, we owe you this one. ❤

6th April, 2017


So, I’m going for a nap. 🙂 Gimme half an hour.


31st May, 2017


SK: Some nap. Anyway, I forgot who this was, but as you can see, the journey of a thousand words begins with postponement.


AS: Was deffi you.


SK: Probably was.

AS: How do we begin. xD
Nah, I’ll keep it a surprise.


SK: Keep what a surprise?


AS: Then it won’t be a surprise no. -.- Smarty.


SK: Correctamundo. Okay. Can’t we begin just like this?


AS: Yeah you’re right. Lezz just dive in.



Hello, everybody. Let’s begin with some announcements, shall we? It brings us immense pleasure to inform you that we have 18 amazing people reading the random things we spew out on an irregular basis. But, more importantly…



Okay. Nobody cares. What you should care about, is that Aditi is Jt. Secy of Music Club!


That’s absolutely irrelevant, Suchit. For those of you who don’t know, ELAS stands for English Language Activities Society, and our prolific writer here is the Secretary of said Society. So you better scroll down and read all his blog posts.


Completely irrelevant. That wasn’t the start I had in mind. But anyway. Here we are again, having completed nearly a year of our blog. And what we have to show for it is, well, this blog. As you can see, we have covered all kinds of stuff, like things and stuff and other things too.

Very verbose.

And we have a whole lot more lined up for you.

As you see, Aditi is an excellent editor, and offers me absolutely brilliant feedback on my pieces. And a very nice proofreader too.


God knows that’s probably what I’m going to end up doing for the rest of my life, because if there’s anything I’ve learnt from my first week at PS, it’s that coding is probably not my thing at all. And what beats me most of all is how and when I’m supposed to break that to the rest of the world.


Oh, so these vacations, we have a sort of industrial training thing going on, called Practice School (PS), and Aditi is interning at this very cool place which does all kinds of cool sciency things. And Aditi, being the super pro person she is, is already bored of the place.


No, seriously. Here I am, with minimal knowledge of C and C++ and Java and whatnot- in a room full of people who have scored a perfect 10 in all three semesters and/or excelled in competitions held by Microsoft, to such an extent that they’re being sent to Seattle. And boy, is it intimidating. I spent my first week coming back home with a heavy heart. And when I finally found the courage to talk to my legit super pro dad about this, the first thing I asked him was, “Do you wish I was smarter, Dad?”


I think the fact that she belongs in a room with all these super smart programmers will tell you how smart this little person is. And that she’s just being morbid and pessimistic  for no reason. In case I haven’t said this enough, Aditi is one of the smartest little people I know.

A factor she is forgetting is that she spent the whole of last year doing Math, while these other people did all kinds of computer sciency stuff. I have very strong doubts about the ability of any of those to go toe to toe with her at math.


Bah, Suchit’s just being Suchit (read: ultra nice). It’s true though. Just like there’s always going to be someone who’s thinner, or in my case, taller, than you, there’s also always going to be someone smarter. Or more knowledgeable. And either you slog your ass off and try and get to their level, or you accept it and stop letting it get to you. I still have to figure out how, though.

But isn’t that giving up? “Oh. I’ll never be good enough”, and so you stay complacent where you are and never strive for more? Sure, you might not want to raise your skill level. You simply might not be invested enough in whatever it is. Or, there are other things you might want to do. Depends on what your priorities are, and what you want to make out of your life.

Or you could just feel like kicking back and chilling out, with a lemonade in hand.


Funnily enough, I just made myself a lemonade an hour ago.


Lemonades are the best. Especially in this beastly hot weather. More than hot, it’s humid, and sticky and sweaty. Very bad.


Yes, I can’t wait for the rains to begin. Though that will make commuting to and from work much more irritating, but anything for good weather.


Bwahahahaha. My workplace is a 10 minute walk from home. So, I work with statisticians and economists, compiling and processing data and trying to make sense out of the trends and all that sort of thing. It seems interesting enough, but it actually is pretty cumbersome. They are still teaching us to do stuff like  procedures, formulae and algorithms.


That is very cool man, I envy you. I don’t even understand half of the jargon they throw at us, but it’s Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education and that’ll look pretty on my resume, so I roll my eyes and shut my trap and make the most of the AC and internet. And daydream about going back home and pretending to be a rockstar on my brand new guitar that I barely know how to play.


I suppose we seem more grown up. Slightly tired, this time around. I think I do, at least. I guess that’s one more year of college speaking. I think you’ll notice a progression in our posts on the blog, too. We’ve become more aware, I guess. And more brave, in a way, penning down our thoughts and encounters with more honesty.


I do too. Feel more tired, or at least sound more tired, I suppose. It is liberating though, to write openly about what we feel, like we’ve been trying to do of late. On these lines, keep an eye out for another more serious-sounding article that we’ll be putting out soon. Keep reading, and we shall, hopefully, keep writing.


Yeah. Keep writing we shall. Cannot assure anyone of the regularity, though. Work, I realised in barely two weeks, is pretty draining.


But we will definitely try.