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Life in Leaves

This is inspired by a Ted talk I watched recently. I feel like I should say more, but I have nothing else to say. So here goes.


The world is a library,

And those who inhabit it,

The books.


Each one of us has a story,

Who we are, where we come from,

Or maybe the way we look.


Then every conversation is a reading,

An insight into another world.


Unique in every way,

Never fitting into a single mould.


We’re all curious melanges of emotions –

Giggling, sobbing, shouting, sometimes silent.


A tale of love whispered to a friend,

A secret anecdote of when one got violent.


Or perhaps harmless gossip,

An opinion, an idea, a rant.


Maybe a quest for good advice,

Or a smile, accompanied by a compliment?


Just so long as we invest that time,

Talk to someone, build connections.


Have long heart-to-hearts,

After all, we’re unabridged versions.


Don’t rely on the chat box,

A digital emoticon fails to convey.


It is the act of sitting down over a cup of coffee,

Or hug that goes a long way.



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