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Chapter Three

Rohit Agrawal was satisfied.

Winding back a couple of months, the Mumbai branch, for some reason was not performing as expected. All the cash inflow, the years of effort gone into setting up what was to be the new headquarters, gone down the drain. A most regrettably spectacular waste, it would seem.

To not let reports of his pure incompetence reach his seniors, the ex-branch manager had sent in reports containing only estimates and worded in the most aimless generalities, and included almost no concrete facts, other than an occasional parameter which happened to paint a roseate figure or the newest branch’s operation. Even that was rare. The visits to Mumbai themselves were fruitless. Rohit didn’t have the time to monitor the operations himself, with all the running about it took to set up the branch.

After replies to mail after mail were sent in as colourful presentations and quarterly reports containing bare slivers of usable information, Rohit asked in his immediate subordinate, Anand Vyom to look into exactly what was going on. Finding the branch grossly deficit in meeting its targets and horribly mismanaged, Anand replaced the manager with the first somewhat suitable applicant.

Rohit, finding the new manager inexperienced and way out of her depth, had taken it upon himself to oversee her initial months as manager. Long story short, Jyoti proved to be very competent and the time Rohit had expected to spend teaching her managerial strategies were spent discussing where Agrawal Enterprises was headed, and then on to where they were headed.

Things, it would seem, were going well. Well enough that the Mumbai visits were more recreational than supervisory.

And so, yet another day spent in his chamber in the offices, he went through his daily grind of mails back and forth, looking out to a most spectacular greyscale view of Marine Drive, when a voice on the intercom sent chills up and down his spine and the waves washing in to the coast started rolling in shades of blue and the sun spread warm yellow along the road and in through the window, lighting up all the room, colouring with it the carpeted floor and the light blue walls, the brown door and the woman in azure walking in.

An hour later, as she walked out, the blue hues of her dress wrapped up the rainbow in itself and took it along, leaving behind a rich businessman in a pale grey reverie.

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Life in Leaves

This is inspired by a Ted talk I watched recently. I feel like I should say more, but I have nothing else to say. So here goes.


The world is a library,

And those who inhabit it,

The books.


Each one of us has a story,

Who we are, where we come from,

Or maybe the way we look.


Then every conversation is a reading,

An insight into another world.


Unique in every way,

Never fitting into a single mould.


We’re all curious melanges of emotions –

Giggling, sobbing, shouting, sometimes silent.


A tale of love whispered to a friend,

A secret anecdote of when one got violent.


Or perhaps harmless gossip,

An opinion, an idea, a rant.


Maybe a quest for good advice,

Or a smile, accompanied by a compliment?


Just so long as we invest that time,

Talk to someone, build connections.


Have long heart-to-hearts,

After all, we’re unabridged versions.


Don’t rely on the chat box,

A digital emoticon fails to convey.


It is the act of sitting down over a cup of coffee,

Or hug that goes a long way.